Friday, 22 June 2007

V3 - V4 Interesting bug

I had an interesting experience the other day, actually I was pretty infuriated initially but now that I have done it I can laugh about it.

I had to create for a fashion related business a "vertical" order entry screen as opposed to horizontal one as found in Ax.

The project calls for the creation of up to 50 columns of size/Color/style related columns against which it is possible to enter the qty one wants to order.

In order to carry out the modification I used array based fields (not sure it was the best decision but it allows me to extend the screens etc quite easily) and I dragged the array of fields into a grid then proceeded to declare the fields as being visible to ther elements.

Then I tried to call them but stubornly the pre-compiler treated the call as an error and would not allow me to look up the fields.

Strange ? They were declared I tried debugging my form and in the debugger I had all the functions properly declared as they should be.

Thinking it was a problem with the length of the names I renamed a field, then the system said illeagal name ? Interesting, apparently when you drag the fields on to the grid they are autonamed with a [xx] extension name based on the array element they represent however [ ] are not leagal names for fields :-).

So I had to go through and rename all my fields if I wanted access to them in the grid. Wonderfull stuff ! Not !

Anyhow have reported it to one of our partners and hopefully he will get them to change it at some time in the future.

Take Care and Have Fun