Monday, 18 February 2008

Refreshing screen Info PIII

I have a few months back found a solution.

And as is often the case I found the solution in someone else's code :-).

Columbus have developed an integration tool called Galaxy, and this tool imports data into a container and then presents that data using a mask in a form, the presentation top labels have exactly the same requirements as my size / color grid screen.

That is as the user moves down and selects rows the labels at the top should change.

So what is the answer ?

Well it may seem strange but the following works.
Set the first label field to ' ' that is:
QtyGrid1.label(' ');
and then proceed and set the others.

I do not know what flag is activated or set of by the fact of setting the label field to a 32 ascii however it forces a re-draw and thereafter everything works as expected.

As I lifted this from a version of Galaxy intended for V3 I believe the fix works in both I can certainly confirm that it works in V4.

Have fun


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