Saturday, 24 May 2008

AX 2009 or V5 goes RTM

Microsoft has recently gone RTM on Ax 2009 or version 5 and in so doing they have removed a few functionalities as opposed to the last TAP version I saw but not much and they are on schedule to make their next fiscal year interesting.

This is the first version of Ax where all of the core development has been done in Redmond, it will be interesting to see where things go, some sources say the intention is to remove Morphx (the internal Ax dev language and dev environment) and replace it with a .Net dev environment. This may proove harder to do than they realise as all the installed base would rebel at having to re-write all their customizations completely, not to say that the job that MS and it's partners would be faced with would be simpler.

What does this mean for customers well it means AX 2009 will be out and sold over the summer as the time frame from RTM to sales is usually very short.

Anyway here's to Ax 2009 hope the launch and the program are sucessfull.


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