Sunday, 15 July 2007

Dynamics Ax 4 SP2

At my last MS presentation there was a big part of the session devoted to the coming of this SP in June this year, and one thing they mentioned which I am very much looking forward to is that it should include some AIF methods allowing for updates of data.

Today the AIF is purely an Insert or Send style interfacing tool.

Of course this is not my only gripe nor others for more go to Dave's blog on the subject he is asking for anyone having live implementations to go and tell him what they have live.

Unfortunately I have so far only got a Proof Of Concept up and running so I do not have any live flows yet. However we will have when we can trust and ruggedize the application probably somewhere around 20 Companies doing SO-PO type flows with automated corrections at several levels.

The proof of concept shows it is possible but with a lot of code changes to ensure that the AIF is operational at all times.

We had issues with the COM connector (.NET) we had issues with the non existent update methods etc etc.

Anyhow more on this later but please follow up on Dave's blog and make him feel less alone on the forefront of this issue.

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Anonymous said...

We at To-Increase ( are expert on communication to ax with validating the data.
We have:
1)Conversion studio (for data migration purpose) where you can define all the files and mappings.
2) Connectivity studio (to create integrations to external systems (multiple connection types: FTP, Folder, MSMQ, ODBC etc)
3) Web service studio: Soap based web service definition inside Ax.

All this products are based on our productivity platform.
The goal is:
- Less development, much configuration
- Use standard Ax to validate the data
- Easy definition of interfaces

- do not develop the file format. configure the options! (xml, csv etc)

This is much more interesting as the AIF. AIF is buggy and is super fixed. The definition of our solutions is based on Data instead of developing. Big difference with AIF!

You can contact me, if this sounds interesting:

Take a look at our website and download the Ax solution catalog.

Kind regards,

Johan van Veldhuizen
Technical consultant
To-Increase "ISV of the year!"