Friday, 20 July 2007

Refreshing Screen Info in V4 PII

After a lot of further studying it seems that it is not Lock / unlock that have been disabled but the flag that deems whether the screen needs redrawing that does not get set by the fact of updating the labels of the columns in a grid so my problem may not be V3 to V4 related it may be general.

Great, well I have a call in and I am trying all sorts of detours in order to get the form to update the column headers, so far the only reliable one is for the User (!) to click on the scroll bar below the grid.

A single click is enough to redraw :-(.

I have not tried to move the screen back into V3 in order to see how V3 will cope with it, it seems a rather retrograde step to undertake especially as it is meant for a V4 implementation.

Anyhow will post on this subject again later.

Take Care


Ivan Kashperuk said...

Can you post a specific example?
I was unable to reproduce what you are talking about


Sven Jochimsen said...


I will try to post a specific example with a new screen.

Basically you need a Grid with many columns so that a scroll bar appears, in the activate method of the grid datasource update the grid fields labels, and then basically see nothing happen until you touch the scroll bar :-(

Anyhow will build an example on a smaller scale :-)