Monday, 16 July 2007

New Head of MBS Good or Bad ?

It seems MS keeps on killing off the MBS leaders, well not really killing off but they all seem to move on at a pace which is not conducive to trust in a business area where turnover is frowned upon.

Now we have Kiril Tatartinov as the new head of MBS.

He is to replace Satya Nadella who left in March 07.

Tami Reller was interim Manager, and is also leaving the MBS sphere, to take on new roles elswhere in MS.

Doug Burgum who was the manager for a long time left as recently as last year.

All in all a rather turbulent leadership of a division that now accounts for more than 1 Billion of Bill's yearly revenue.

Personally I have no truck with any of the above characters, the only issue I have is that it seems that MS has not really understood that they need to lead this thing, and that changing managers every 3-6 months is not a positive message to send.

I had hoped that Satya taking over was a sign of them wanting to go for the Dev environment type of tool, seeing as his background was solidly anchored in the Development tools team at MS.

However he / it was not given a chance to mature, and he was moved probably because the business did not show sufficient momentum or because he did not feel it was important enough for him.

I do not see Kiril as a strategic choice, I could be very wrong of course what do you think ?

I see him more as yet another stop gap solution for the role.

Why was Tami not given longer to try to perform ?

So is this the begining of the end ? Are MS looking to sell off the division ?

Some were already speculating when Satya was moved, have a look here at Josephs blog. (comments)

There are over 3000 people in the MBS division however, and some are well integrated into MS and cross pollination of job roles is something MS excels in (The average time in job is around 18 months :-) ). I think it very unlikely that they would sell.

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Anonymous said...

No, No, No... Satya leaving was because MS saw extreme promise in him leading the Search Division. Search is huge. We are generating more information daily than what we generated in the last 5 decades. That was strategic. Tami however is confusing... Why not leave her entrenched in MBS? Where is she going? Kiril is a no name and not sure what he brings to the table. Satya got the process started by combining the teams of INformation Worker with MBS and standardizing the UI and leveraging the AX platform. Wish he would of stayed, but I understand Bill's move on that one. I am interested to hear move from Kiril directed towards the channel. Kiril? Can you hear us? What's the plan Stan?

Sven Jochimsen said...


Satya going to Search or rather google - fight is as you say good for MS. However seen from my point of view it was bad for MBS, and Tami going elsewhere well I never met her but some people I respect say good things about her. Now we get Kiril, as you say we are all ears what direction will he push the boat in ?