Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Refreshing screen info in V4

I have come accross a small change in behaviour from V3 to V4 which could potentially be rather adverse in its effects.

In V3 if you want to update a screen f.ex. and refresh it in a uniform manner then you called

did all your manipulation of screen elements
called redraw or refresh (if you needed to re-read the data)
called element.unlock()

The functions are still there but they currently seem to do nothing, I suspect it is related to MS teams taking over some of the screen painting functionality and they are probably using some other MSFT code package to update screen information. But this leaves me pretty much in limbo as I have to get the user to activate the scroll bar to change the screen elements as redraw seems to have been de-activated as well.

Anyone else noticed the above and more to the point has anyone found a workaround to this annoying little bug ?

I will share here if I find one, my google help engine has not worked :-), I have not seen it commented publicly anywhere yet. And on the MS help the only discussion thread I could find was from 2004 and a bit off topic.

Take Care

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